Andrew's kicking it old school.
Tuesday October 27, 2020; 4:52 PM CDT
  • I wanted to make sure a regular post worked with a title. Today I got a lot of things ironed out with Old School. Figured out templates, how header variables are injected into the code and how timezones work.#
  • One of the next projects will be to see what all the different js & css files in the template do. With that being a copy from Dave I'm sure it has lots of accumulated things that maybe shouldn't be a part of the minimum viable blog.#
  • I like the idea of stripping it down to the bones and see what's there. Then I can gradually add things back in as I see fit.#
  • If all the extra stuff is stripped out, it will also hopefully allow me to see more of what's left. What other options are there for customization?#
  • It will be fun.#

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