Andrew's kicking it old school.
Fixed the date issue. Old School requires the server to have the correct timezone. So since my Macbook is CDT, I set the server to be CDT and did a test and it showed up correctly. The other perk is the Last update time in the footer shows CDT now.#
Updated the template to use template.js and template.css from my build instead of Dave's.#
Realized it wasn't using the templates in the template folder but rather a url to a default template. I created a link on my server to host the template folder with pagePark and updated the config file to point at the real one.#
Added some social media details into the opml header and removed a bunch of text from the footer.#
I was able to get the publish Old School button working in Electric Outliner. Just had to add special header vars.#
Turns out it was an issue with timezones. My post from yesterday was under a heading "October 26" but since the heading and post had created timestamps that were already the 27th GMT, old school overwrote the newer post with the older post since it thought they were both supposed to be Oct 27th.#
I updated some variables in the header but I'm not seeing it apply on the web (after building). My guess is I have to change the page content to trigger a rebuild.#
  • I wanted to make sure a regular post worked with a title. Today I got a lot of things ironed out with Old School. Figured out templates, how header variables are injected into the code and how timezones work.#
  • One of the next projects will be to see what all the different js & css files in the template do. With that being a copy from Dave I'm sure it has lots of accumulated things that maybe shouldn't be a part of the minimum viable blog.#
  • I like the idea of stripping it down to the bones and see what's there. Then I can gradually add things back in as I see fit.#
  • If all the extra stuff is stripped out, it will also hopefully allow me to see more of what's left. What other options are there for customization?#
  • It will be fun.#

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